Aesthetic Dentistry

Our dental clinic offers aesthetic dentistry services in a professional and friendly environment.

These include aesthetic dentures, implants veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and teeth contouring. These services are offered in addition to other restorative procedures such as tooth filling and root canal.

aesthetic dentistry abroad in cyprus

All these procedures can be arranged and performed on a dental surgery holiday in an affordable package. We have the best dentistry expertise to take you through what each procedure entails and will provide recommendations of what would work best for your specific circumstances.

Dental veneers

This is one of the more popular of our aesthetic dentistry services.  A veneer is a very thin cover that is attached to the front side of your teeth. It is usually made of porcelain or composite material.  Veneers are popular for hiding teeth imperfections such as staining, chipping, and gaps and will give you the smile that you always wanted.

Composite veneers are easy to fix, with no need for preparatory procedures.   Choose your color choice and the fixing is done in 2-3 days.   Porcelain veneers require 7-10 days as your teeth have to be prepared prior to fitting.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown covers a tooth from the gum upwards. A crown will strengthen a weakened tooth, perhaps from a large cavity. Crowning is usually done to cover a root canal procedure. Crowns are usually made of porcelain.  In aesthetic dentistry, we use precious metals to do the crowning.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is done to fix a replacement tooth (or teeth) when there is no need for a full denture. The bridge holds the tooth or teeth in place. Sometimes crowns are fixed at the ends to provide extra support.

Aesthetic fillings

We do customized teeth filling with a color that matches the rest of your teeth.

Teeth contouring

This procedure is used in aesthetic dentistry to change the shape and color of the teeth. The sculpting and shaping are done using a composite material.   Contouring is a simple procedure that is pain-free and requires no anesthesia.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can help remove stains and discoloration of the teeth. Our professional bleaching can achieve up to 7 shades of white to match your natural color.   If you prefer to do the bleaching from the comfort of your home, we can offer a professional bleaching kit.

Dental Implants

We have a variety of dental implants that are both functional and aestheticly pleasing.  Our professional dentists will provide you with a perfect smile.

You can have any of these procedures at our clinic if you are planning on dental surgery abroad.   You will be in the hands of our experienced dental experts who will soon provide you with your beautiful smile.

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We have gained a 25-year reputation for excellence in patient safety, care, and customer satisfaction.

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    We have gained a 25-year reputation for excellence in patient safety, care, and customer satisfaction.

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