Happy Clients that have had Cosmetic Surgery Abroad in Cyprus

Here are just some of the amazing testimonials and feedback we have received over the years!

I have just had an arm lift and cannot speak highly enough of all the people concerned. I was talking to Lynsey at first who put my mind at ease. Dr Bugra is amazing. When my bandages came off my Auntie was surprised at how smooth my skin looked. This was only the next day.
All the staff were lovely. The hospital is so clean you could eat off the floor.
I would recommend the Surgeon and hospital.

V.N.  UK,  Arm Lift (Brachioplasty), Aug 2022

A wonderful review below from our recent breast lift patient !

“My experience with cosmetic surgery Cyprus, was 100% satisfactory. From my initial enquiry regarding surgery, thru to the day I left Cyprus, every question was answered immediately.
Gill,  who organised everything was fantastic. She organised our hotel, airport transfers, hospital appointments and transfers. She came to the hospital with me on the day of surgery, and came with me to all follow up appointments. She made me feel so comfortable, like a family member.
Gill went above and beyond doing her job as a co-ordinator, she assisted with the ever  changing Covid-19 issues, and every  worry I had from surgery to what Bra’s I needed. she was there to help. I can’t thank her enough. Dr Bugra. Is extremely professional and a fantastic surgeon. I am overwhelmed with the result of my surgery. I had my breast implants removed, and a breast uplift. Although it is less than 2 weeks since my  operation, I am so pleased with the outcome. The results are better than I ever imagined. I would recommend Cosmetic surgery Cyprus to anyone.”

C.H.  UK,  Breast Lift and Implant Removal, Oct 2021

Our recent patient is already looking amazing only 5 weeks after her breast implant operation! She went from a 32A/B to a DD cup. You can read her review below:

“I can’t thank this company enough! My new breasts are amazing! I’ve gone from a 32A/B to a DD and they feel amazing! Lynsey Shaw was wonderful from the start up until even now following up with me to see how I am healing. Dr. Bugra is an amazing surgeon! The aftercare was fantastic, nurses on hand 24/7 and if you needed anything all you had to do was press that buzzer and they were there. They constantly checked to see how you were and painkillers were provided as you needed them. Highly recommended to other people a***********”

D.S. UK, Breast Augmentation, August 2021

From the first email through to surgery day and support when I got home

I woke up this morning and overnight my body looked completely different, I

“I flew out for a tummy tuck and a breast reduction in July 2021. I had a wonderful experience with Dr Bugra  and he completely put me at ease and answered any questions very honestly. Post surgery I didn’t need any pain relief which really surprised me. The only word of caution I would give is to give up any idea of lying in the sunshine recovering as not only is that not allowed it’s also not realistic with your limited mobility to begin with, and a sports bra, body corset and surgical stockings. No regrets, wished I did it sooner.”

M.M.  UK,  Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck, Jul 2021

I woke up this morning and overnight my body looked completely different, I literally lost 3.5kg in a few days and all the swelling is almost gone, everyone told me it was water retention and it will pass and I’m even more pleased now with the results!!! I went to bed a size 10/12 and woke up 8/10…. I once again can’t praise all of you enough, still have a little swelling left to go but I’m just so thankful I found you guys and still can’t thank Dr Bugra enough for his amazing work xxx

O.D. UK, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants, March 2020

From the first email through to surgery day and support when I got home again, the process has been professional with a fabulous level of care. I am so happy with my results and very grateful to the whole team but especially to Dr Dervis for his amazing talent. So happy!

B. L. UK, Full Mid/Lower Face/Neck Lift, February 2020

Thank you so much! Can you also thank Dr Bugra again for me please! I’m really pleased with them, they look great!

C.D.L  UK, Breast Augmentation, February 2020

I recently had a tummy tuck with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus and have been very happy with the results and great care from everyone involved. Doctor Bugra was highly professional and my operation was a complete success. I was more than happy with the results and my speedy recovery even exceeded my expectations. After my procedure the aftercare was brilliant, the nurses were amazing and Dr. Bugra was always around. Gill provided support before, during and after. Ensuring my aftercare was incredible. I have had no complications from this highly complex operation and have no qualms about giving them my full recommendation and intend using the company again!

K.E.  UK, Large Tummy Tuck, February 2020

Very happy whit the result of my breast lifting! Dr. Bugra is amazing! Thanks lot……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

B.A.  UK, Breast Lift and Implant Removal, February 2020

Thank you to you ladies and Dr. Bugra for this, it has literally changed my life!!! The work is so amazing, 5 weeks on and my scars are barely visible and so neat and healed so fast with no complications which is what I was terrified about the most. I literally couldn’t be happier with the results and once again I couldn’t thank the whole team enough xx

O.D. U.K. Breast Lift with Implants and Tummy Tuck , December 2019

20 days post surgery, everything is going really well, bruises gone, and besides a little pressure around my ears I am pain free, and most importantly no-one has told me I look tired – which I have heard constantly for years!. Again Thank you so much for all your patience and help. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Dr Dervis. He is a lovely caring man and a fantastic surgeon.

W.W. U.K. Mid/Lower Face/Neck Lift and Lower blepharoplasty, December 2019

No more baggy eyes, can’t believe how quickly I have recovered, wish I had done it years ago! What a great job! If I do a surgery again then definitely with Dr. Dervis and his team. Thank you.

K. D. U.K. Lower Blepharoplasty, October 2019

So pleased with how my nose looks after 12 months! Thanks so much guys xxx

J.B UK, Rhinoplasty, September 2019

10 months post op I am so happy with the results of my Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Dr Bugra did a great job, it really has changed my life!

D. A. UK, Fat Transfer to Buttocks, July 2019

Dr Burga and Jill are a fab team, my experiance was great would highly recommend! The hospital was amazing and the staff were very friendly and always there to help. Very professional and very happy with my results 😍 finally feel confident with my body after having my two boys! thankyou very much!

L.B.  UK, Tummy Tuck, July 2019

I would like to say how happy I am with my new boobs. I feel so much better they have healed really well. I will be back for a tummy tuck next year. I am so happy with the whole experience

C. F. UK, Breast Lift and Implants, May 2019

I had a breast reduction, lift with the brilliant surgeon Dr Bugra.
The experience I had from beginning to end was reassuring and second to none. If you are in any doubt and concerned that you might pick the wrong surgeon then look no further. I highly recommend Dr Bugra, he has done an amazing job and I found him to be down to earth and very caring. The hospital offered only the best and puts other hospitals to shame. The nursing staff were wonderful and extremely caring. Thank you to you all.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

S.M. UK, Breast Reduction Procedure, April 2019

From the very start of this process through to the “grand reveal” yesterday the professionalism, kindness and level of care has been second to none and I am grateful to you (Gill), the staff at the hospital and Dr Bugra for his incredible talent.  Extraordinary!

J. K. UK, Face Lift, March 2019

I am 16DPO I had breast augmentation, I was so worried about going over to Kyrenia for surgery. I made sure i done lots of research, when I got to the hospital i felt so comfortable. I am so so happy with my results my scars are so neat and tidy they amaze everyone! I cant wait to share my 1 month post op pictures 😍 thank you Gill and a massive thank you to the lovely Dr Bugra.

C.B. Breast Augmentation, Feb 2019

I just want to let you know that we both are healing well, we both have amazing results and cant believe its only been just over a month. So glad we chose Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.

Mr and Mrs M U.K. Blepharoplasty, October 2018

I am delighted with my result, pain free practically and looking better than ever.  Cant thank Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus enough.  The surgeon is a magician.

A.R. UK, Breast Augmentation and Nipple Correction, July 2018

WOW!   I can’t believe the difference after only a few hours I now have 20/20 vision for the first time ever.  The procedure was painless and quick.  Dr Koray is fantastic.

K.D. UK, SMILE Laser Eye Surgery, May 2018

My scars are nearly non-existent and it hasn’t even been 6 months yet, Dr Cem has the magic touch and is surrounded by an amazing team. Thanks Again, See you next year!

B.A. UK, Breast Augmentation, April 2018

I have been thinking of you and just wanted to say thank you to you and Dr Bugra.

My tummy tuck has healed so well! The breasts have calmed down and no more pain. I did some bouncing on the trampoline and had a spider crawling feeling over my tummy – it felt like the blood vessels were coming to life!

It really does go to show that time is a healer and please can you pass my sincerest thanks to Dr Bugra as he has literally changed my life! My kids are amazed at the transformation and said “mum it’s so good that your big belly has gone!” So thank you Dr Bugra for taking a chance on me and changing my life!

K.S. UK, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants, Feb 2018

I’ve just had a mini facelift 6 days ago and I am so happy. From the start everything went smoothly. Gill was very kind and answered all my questions and it was a pleasure meeting her for my consultation with Dr. Burga. He was friendly, honest and competent. So it was easy to make the decision.

Great staff, everybody was friendly and “my” nurse (Emanuel) was very sweet, he even managed to calm me so I did not panic too much during the blood test. Overall I felt in good hands and the best is – besides of a little pressure around my ears I don’t feel any pain at all. What a great job! If I do a surgery again then definitely with Dr. Burga and his team.

A.K. Cyprus, Mini Facelift, Jan 2018

Thank you for everything Dr Bugra and Gill, I love my new nose, I am loving it more every day.

C.H. U.K. Rhinoplasty, December 2017

I had breast reduction surgery with Dr. Bugra 2 weeks ago. Dr. Bugra is truly a talented surgeon and I felt immediately I had chosen the right surgeon. He is warm calm friendly and a perfectionist I can’t speak highly enough of him. Gill is the clinic coordinator she answered all my questions promptly and professionally and when I met her at my consultation it was a pleasure to meet such a lovely warm friendly person.

When I awoke after my surgery I couldn’t believe how well and pain free I felt. I didn’t even have to take a painkiller throughout the whole healing period. That’s how amazing the procedure was. I couldn’t be happier with my results. My breasts look fabulous and I can’t stop looking at them. I wish I had done it years ago.

The hospital was spotless and the staff were all lovely especially a very kind lovely nurse called Emmanuel. All in all the treatment I received was exemplary. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bugra and Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus to anyone, and indeed have recommended him to all my friends. Truly exceptional service!

N.L. U.K. Breast Reduction, December 2017

18 days post surgery, all is going really well, bruises gone stitches gone. Again Thank you so much for all your patience and help. Please pass my regards and gratitude to Dr Burga. He is a brilliant surgeon and lovely man.

E.C. U.K. Facelift, October 2017

Four months post surgery I am feeling really good and am so pleased I had the surgery. It has been life changing for me. I am working on my legs at the moment as that is the only part of me that is ‘saggy’ really and am considering surgery next year with, Dr Bugra of course

M.P. U.K. Tummy Tuck and Armlift, August 2017

Dr Bugra did a fantastic job and I am his number one fan. The wounds are so neat, please thank Dr Bugra.

S.B. UK, Armlift and Tummy Tuck, August 2017

Thank youuuu for everything Gill! I can’t thank you enough. I love the results soo much i cant stop looking at them! i know they will get better and better as weeks go on! Dr Bugra is lovely and amazing at his work! I will recommend all of my friends! The Mountain View hotel is soo welcoming and helpful. Wouldn’t even mind coming over for a holiday! Thank you, i am one happy customer!! Gill, you planned and organised everything for me to make sure i have a lovely safe and satisfying trip none of this would happen if wasn’t for you. And yes! Will stay in touch.

K.S. UK, Breast Implant Procedure, May 2017

This is my second procedure with Dr Bugra. I can’t recommend him enough. I am now a week post tummy tuck, and am over the moon with the results so far. He is a perfectionist and very honest, which is what I wanted. I wouldn’t use another surgeon. Gill is also just as good at her job as Dr Bugra, she is on call 24/7 and answers any questions you want to know, they make a brilliant team*
*Disclaimer: Please note that results may vary from person to person

C.G. South Cyprus, Tummy Tuck, April 2017

For 15 years iv been fighting the NHS for this op and I can now honestly say I’m so glad they didn’t do it .
Dr Bugra’s work is outstanding, one of my worries was the scars, well just under 4 weeks now and I can hardly see any scars where the scabs have come away .
The aftercare has been more than I could imagine. Gill answers any emails calls or texts very fast and puts any worries to rest and even though she knows the answers she always confirms it with Dr Bugra.
Dr Bugra is lovely and very honest if he gives you advice take it he knows best and I guarantee you that the outcome will please you . I feel like a new woman he has changed my life forever he’s such a busy man but at no point did I feel rushed he was always smiling and makes you feel so at ease.
My surgery was for health reasons but I would fully recommend him to anyone, I have already recommended him to loads of people even nurses that have seen my results have asked for his details. I didn’t need any pain relief which shocked me, I think the most painful thing was having to sleep on my back when all I wanted to do was lay on my front .
Gill well what can I say I can’t praise you enough you sorted everything all I had to do was pay , book my flight and turn up. Gill sorted everything else out she’s held my hand the whole way and I can’t thank you enough. so friendly, professional thoughtful and always willing to answer any questions even if you have asked before. If I could offer a suggestion to make things better I honestly couldn’t I can’t fault you guys 5 star treatment and 5 star outcome thank you

S.M. UK, Breast Reduction Procedure, April 2017

It’s been a while but I thought maybe dr Burga would be interested in my results.
I am loving my arms so much, haven’t worn a sleeve since( after 30 years of covering up).
The arms were quite painful to start with and very tight which I asked for.
The healing was without any problems.
Considering I only had them done in February…..I am thrilled.
Please thank Dr Burga from the bottom of my heart…I’m a new woman.*

L.B. France, Arm lift Procedure, February 2017

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