The Liposuction Abroad Procedure

Why Do People Elect To Have Liposuction Abroad?

Many people often find that no amount of dieting and exercise can remove unwanted stubborn fat and therefore the only other option is to consider a liposuction procedure and because the costs of such a procedure are often prohibitive whereas liposuction abroad can often be much more affordable.  Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus is able to provide liposuction abroad procedures at more than 50% cheaper than the cost of the same procedures in the UK.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that requires a stay of only 4 days in Cyprus and therefore it is an ideal procedure to have your liposuction abroad.

Liposuction Abroad Process

liposuction abroad

Liposuction is performed under a general anaesthetic and, depending upon the number of areas of the body where the fat is being removed, generally lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours.

During the liposuction abroad procedure the stubborn fat cells are flushed out using liposuction fluid.   The liposuction fluid  is introduced into the body using a micro-canula (small plastic tube) which is inserted through a tiny incision and does not leave any noticeable scar.

You will stay in hospital for two nights following your liposuction abroad operation so that you can rest and recuperate and be well on the road to recovery before you return home.  At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we provide you with a compression garment free of charge which we recommend that you wear for 2 – 3 weeks following your liposuction procedure.  For more information on the liposuction process please click here.

Where Will The Fat Be Taken From?

Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus can provide liposuction to most areas of the body including the following:

  • Tummy Liposuction
  • Inner and outer Thighs Liposuction
  • Hips and Flanks Liposuction
  • Love Handles Liposuction
  • Arms Liposuction
  • Knees and Calves Liposuction
  • Back Liposuction

Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus can also offer your liposuction abroad procedure in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery operations such as Breast Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Facelift and Thigh lift.  When liposuction is added to another cosmetic surgery procedure the cost of liposuction starts from £1000.   If you would like a personal quotation for your liposuction abroad procedure, please click here.

Liposuction Abroad Aftercare

liposuction abroad, liposuction in CyprusAt Cosmetic Surgery Cyrus we recommend that you should not drink alcohol for 14 days after the procedure or take any medication containing aspirin for one week after the procedure.  You can shower and start to moisturise the operated area with your normal moisturiser 10 to 14 days after the procedure (the doctor will advise according to healing).

You should try to rest as much as possible for the first few weeks following your liposuction abroad operation.   After 2 weeks you can do gentle walking exercise. You will not do any vigorous exercise for 6 to 8 weeks. starting gently and listening to your body, ensuring you feel no pain and the activity does not cause any swelling. You cannot run or jog for 2 months.

You will continue to swell for 3 days after the procedure then from days 4 to 7 the liposuction swelling will start to subside.   After 3 weeks it will be much improved along with the bruising and with 60 -70% of the swelling gone after 3 months. The final result of your liposuction abroad procedure can be expected between 9 to 12 months after the operation.

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